​​​Dorothea Tachler

KoreAM, July 28 2014

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aug 11 2015

The german Spiegel TV made a film about NYC in 2014 and interviewed Dorothea about her life there as a musician

Dorothea Tachler is a musician, singer and composer who was born and raised in Munich, Germany. After finishing her degree in classical music there, she played and sang around the world with German, Japanese and American bands.
Touring led her to New York where she started "My Favourite Things" and other bands as well as composing music for films, besides several other music projects.

She is constantly exploring different genres and went from Classical over Avantgarde, Indie Rock, Experimental, Shoegaze, Surf, Jazz, Gipsy-Jazz, Country, Ambient to Folk, Reggae, Electronic Music and Improvisation, using different instruments or her voice, and she collaborates with many other talented musicians, singers, artists and film makers worldwide,

 From the New York Music Daily, a concert review of a concert I played with  Moist Paula Henderson in Brooklyn  https://newyorkmusicdaily.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/moistpaula/