​​​Dorothea Tachler

Released in 2009

Released in 2013

German band with Ralf Nemetschek, Michael Heilrath, Tobias Schmidt. Released 2009: 

​Dorothea played in many bands over the years. At the moment, she mostly plays with her own bands My Favourite Things and Hunki Dori

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Dorothea just released her third album as My Favourite Things 

Dorothea's project since 2014: ambient, meandering music and improvisations without 


Compositions, Songs and Improvisations

Band project with Asako Fujimoto,

released in 2010:

HUNKI DORI ALBUM to be released January 15, 2018

here's a few songs she sang, wrote for and collaborated on with  Brooklyn based label ​Concent Productions

Released in 2017

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